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When one travels along the winding terrain of Northern Palawan, he may perchance notice a mundane hospital nestled pristinely on a foot of a hill overlooking the picturesque view of the national highway and the bay of Roxas.


Started way back in 1977 as health clinic and registered to become a hospital in 1979, PBH was founded by the US missionaries of the Association of Baptist for World Evangelism (ABWE) in Purok Umalad, Bgy. 4, Roxas, Palawan and has since then, catered to and nurtured the health and spiritual needs of the people of Roxas and nearby municipalities.



Situated in Purok Umalad, Bgy. 4, Roxas, Palawan, PBH is approximately 130 kilometres away from Palawan’s capital city of Puerto Princesa and 2 kilometres away from the main town center of Roxas. A bus ride from the Puerto Princesa is just about 2 hours. The hospital is situated in four-hectare lot together with the dormitories and houses built by ABWE missionaries to accommodate its employees. The hospital also owns an airstrip which used to be the landing area of the hospital’s private plane to transport morbid patients to tertiary centers back in days when the national highway is not yet concretely paved and the trip to Puerto Princesa City would be around 6 to 8 hours barring transportation and road complications. The plane was eventually sold when roads were built to the north.

Level of Care

PBH is duly accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) as a 12 bed general hospital. It is also accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Company (PHIC), a government healthcare program. It is also registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines in July 1979 with a Reg. No. 87613.


The hospital’s emergency room is adequately equipped with the basic facilities and supplies with a cardiac monitor with defibrillator, laryngoscopes of all sizes and endotracheal tubes. Our doctors and nursing staff are trained in basic and advanced life support (BLS  and ALS). Patients who are entubated who can afford mechanical ventilation are referred to Puerto Princesa City.


The hospital is also equipped with a delivery room to conduct normal deliveries and D&C procedures.


Several years ago before concrete pavements were built on the national highway, the hospital conducted surgeries on various surgical, orthopaedic, and ophthalmologic cases. However, the hospital’s OR was advised to close since the hospital has no in-house anaesthesiologist.


Out-Patient Department Clinic opens from Mondays to Saturdays at 8AM untill 12AM except Wednesdays. The department caters to a wide variety of cases like internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, OB-GYN, orthopaedics, and psychiatry.


The administrator is governed by the board of trustees, presently chaired by Dr. Paul S. Castillo, a surgeon by profession. He was instated as the chair started 2012. The Hospital Administrator and Chief Executive Officer was Miss Edensita L. Valdez. Miss Valdez is the first Filipino Administrator after the retirement of Mr. Daniel Horton hence a devolution of the administration from the Americans to the Filipinos. Under the Office of the Administrator are the Business Manager, Business Office Clerk and Maintenance Department.


The Medical Department is spearheaded by the Medical Director in the person of Dr. Eduardo B. Salise. Under the Medical Department was the Nursing Services, Ancillary Services and other hospital medical services.

Medical and Nursing Sevices

The hospital is manned by 2 Staff Physician and Visiting Physician from different specialities. The staff and visiting physicians are board-certified specialist in the field of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery and OB-GYN.  There are presently 7 nurses and 5 nursing attendants that make up the nursing staff. Miss Carla Jane E. Bundac is the Head Nurse.  The nurses and the attendants are exposed to various trainings and seminars to further enhance their skills and competency to deliver excellent nursing and bedside care .

Ancillary Services


The Chaplaincy Department is one of the key offices in the hospital. Manned by Pastor Joel Juarez, this department caters to the spiritual needs of the staff and patients alike.

The hospital X-Ray Department is staffed by Mr. Gerry Valdespina, registered radiologic technologist.

Operated by the hospital is the Clinical Laboratory Department headed by a licensed Pathologist and Niah Ren Bravo as the Head Medical Technologist.


Other employees are the electrician, PCO, librarian, carpenters, gardeners, canteen cook and security guards.

Best Practices


  • Outstanding Nursing and Bedside Care


What makes PBH stand among the hospital and health care facilities in Northern Palawan is the outstanding nursing and bedside care. Our nurse and attendants make sure that the patients have gotten their morning baths and changed the beddings and linens everyday which wasn't commonly practiced in other institutions.


  • Consistent Medical Education (CME) Programs


Since the staff and visiting physicians are board-certified specialist, the medical department conducts lectures, updates, and workshops on various medical issues and cases to refresh and enhance the knowledge and skills of the medical and nursing staff on a monthly basis.


  • Community Outreach


Since the terrain of Palawan is mostly made up of mountains, beaches and rivers, PBH consistently conducts medical missions and health advocacy caravan to far-flung areas of Roxas and nearby municipalities including   the tribal people and inmates groups.


  • Passionate Chaplaincy Program


Our hospital chaplain, and our social workers Mrs. Juarez, spare time everyday to visit in-patients and preach to them the Gospel of Salvation. They also shares to the patients in the OPD while they wait for their turn for consults. Together with the medical and the nursing team, the chaplain also goes to medical missions to give a holistic approach to physical and spiritual healing.

Financial Standing


PBH has been founded since 1977 by the ABWE missionaries as a mission hospital. That is, indigent patients don't pay anything for hospitalizations and for the medicines they were given. However, as the years went by, there was devolution of the administration from the Americans to the Filipinos hence the funds to run the hospital has to come from the patients' pocket. Since the hospital is situated in a municipality wherein the average Filipino family has farming and fishing as sources of income and livelihood, patients coming in the hospital for consults and admissions can sometimes barely pay for the expenses and hospital bills. Since the hospital operates according to what it earns, the financial problem has rooted on unpaid hospital bills that there were times that employees salaries are paid in installments because of this problem. Despite of the problems we still praise and thank God for His grace and faithfulness, we have seen His provision throughout the years and we still continue to pray for God's provision to fill the hospital's need.

Prayer Requests


Since the hospital is located in a municipality where the majority of population lives within below the poverty line, it is our constant prayer to achieve financial stability. The hospital created a website so that friends and previous employees currently working abroad may donate and extend financial aid to the hospital.


It is also our prayer to acquire new equipment. Most of the equipment has been with the hospital for several years now and they have been through several bouts of repairs. The hospital also aims to upgrade its services through the changing and dynamic era of medical advancements and it has always been our prayer to have an infant warmer for our nursery, Bili-light and a new hospital building because the present building is still the original structure since 1979 and has been coined to be a fire hazard since most of it are made of woods. We also pray for an ambulance to be used in transporting patients to higher facilities.